To make it easier to understand, manage, and lower your utility costs, Skye provides the following services:

  1. Building Energy and Water Remote Audit
  2. Efficiency Project Analysis
  3. Connecting to Service Providers
  4. Automated Reporting

Building Energy and Water Remote Audit

We want to take the mystery away about where energy and water go inside abuilding, so we provide a whole building energy and water audit.  This leverages building data that is typically spread around the building engineer’s office, utility history, aerial views, etc… allowing us to do the audit remotely, and saving you time and money.

Model vs Actual energy usage

Model vs Actual energy usage

Efficiency Project Analysis

Once we know where the energy goes, we can quickly build a list of efficiency projects for the building, along with an estimated cost and savings estimate.  These will provide the foundation for getting efficiency projects evaluated and budgeted each year, just like other capital needs for the building.

Project List

Efficiency Project List

Connecting to Service Providers

One of the barriers to implementation of efficiency projects is finding the right people to put together detailed proposals for the project.  This typically takes a significant amount of time, which we can almost completely remove.  Our platform provides a way for the best providers to leverage the building data and models put together in the audit to build the projects for you, without any effort required.  Better analysis, better ideas, and more competitive pricing.

Automated Reporting

We think that reporting should be zero effort, and come directly to you.  Skye provides automated  utility data feeds, weather data for normalization, and connections to tools like Energy Star Portfolio Manager, so that you don’t have to.  Reporting shows up in your email inbox, targeting individual audiences from the building engineer to the portfolio manager.

Utility Summary

Porfolio Performance View

Building Summary

Building Summary View