Property Managers

If the owner asks, will you be ready?

Commercial buildings often have $2-3 in utility costs per square foot, being one of the larger (and least understood) operating costs.  If your owner called, and asked what they could do to lower that by 10-30%, how ready would you be with an answer?

Skye makes it easy to know where the energy goes, what your options are, and who can implement.

Instead of the owner coming to you, why not give them the complete picture of their utility costs, opportunities for reductions, and current progress?  And do that each month, without having to pull bills, update spreadsheets, or deal with vendors?

Commercial property managers do their best to maintain the building, manage operating costs, and create a comfortable space for the tenants.  Adding one more thing to the list is often hard to do.

See what Skye can do for you, and get in touch with us to get started.